Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Three days to go and a milestone at BPPT

The feeling of getting to a closure is pervasive throughout the 10 of us, IBM CSC Indonesia 4 team.
This is the time when you start looking back at the duties and the hopes for this assignment, using these last days to get closure on  them, experiencing a mix of feelings: on one hand a sense of fulfillment for what was achieved in terms of personal and business goals, experiences, etc., and at the same time the awareness that this time off our "normal" life is coming to an end, and in 3 days we will be leaving Hotel Magnolia, our clients, Bandung and ultimately Indonesia. 

The head of BPPT and his leadership team
This photo: the best gift we could receive
Speaking of clients... Yesterday our team had a meeting with the head of BPPT and his leadership team. We spent three hours presenting and discussing the outcomes of our project. In a nutshell, our main contribution has been to help BPPT extract their collective knowledge and to consolidate, develop and agree on (at all levels of the organization) a set of joint BPPT / IBM recommendations to support BPPT's transformation

The meeting of yesterday was an additional, "final" confirmation that our joint efforts had an impact on BPPT and their perception of IBM as something more than "just" an IT company.
I underline the word "joint", because this was the key to success. From the very beginning we worked as a true joint team with our BPPT counterparts Bpk. Deni, Bpk. Agung and Bpk. Sahal as well as the BPPT coordinators. If I have to mention one thing that Flavia, Terry and I are bringing home from this assignment, with no doubts is how easily, productively and with pleasure we worked together with all people at BPPT, despite our knowledge and experience come from countries that are at the opposite side of the world.
This photo on the right is an icon of the climate we lived in these last three weeks.
Thank you BPPT team, we owe you a wonderful experience!

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